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Do Looks Matters

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Actually, it plays quite important role. 
So everyone on the side opposition is saying that appearance doesn't really matter for them at all. However, here's the question: How about the society?  Can you say that the society we are living in does not judge a person by his or her looks at all? I believe not. "Lookism" exists in our society and is quite rampant. This is what drives women to get plastic surgery. Yes, there's a point that not everyone is "lookists" but not everyone is generous about a person's appearance either. If nobody judges a person by his or her appearance, wonder why there still exists bullied people or badly treated people because of their looks in this world. Moreover, wonder why some people failed to get job due to their looks even they were much more talented than some good looking people who got jobs so easily. This debate is not just about how you think about "judging a book by its cover" but is also about how looks influnces our lives and make lookism in this society. Can't say it does not influence at all, right? 
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Of course they do
Just like men are attracted to women physically first, women are attracted to men physically first. You can then screw it up by being stupid or boring, but they want you to approach them in the first place if your attractive. Being a tall, thin, youthful. Good looking man, I can say with all honesty life is much easier if you dress well, stay in shape, smile and be proud of your appearance.

Let's be real.

Looks matter first, but personality matters even more. We don't see the personality in someone right after we see them for the first time. If you come or approach them because of how they look, then you probably stay because they had great morals. Let's just say: if we compare the two in percentage, personality would be: 90%, while looks would be 10%. Looks aren't just about the face. It's also about hygiene, and how decent someone dresses up.
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Don't judge a book by its cover. 
Always lived by those words. I don't make friends with people because of their looks. I make friends with those who have a similar personality or interests like me. Looks don't matter. Take it from the Disney movie of Hunchback of Notre Dame and II. Those two become his best friends and that girl in the second one was his soul mate, and I know "Life isn't a Disney movie" but that movie gave a lesson. Don't judge people based on their looks!!
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At the end, no.

Looks might matter at first. For example, the first day of an important event such as a meeting, school, a date etc. But when you actually get to know the person everything changes. Someone can be incredibly beautiful or handsome but if they have an awful personality, like if they're mean, rude, all those other nasty characteristics then they become an ugly person as a whole and same thing but the opposite. So looks don't matter any relationship wise.

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